Ukulele Lessons

Hollier Music Academy provides ukulele lessons for beginners of all ages. Our principle goals are to provide high quality music tuition; to act with professionalism; and to create a welcoming and encouraging environment.

The are four (4) broad components to our lessons at Hollier Music Academy. Each component is expanded upon below.


We teach a wide range of western popular music from the 1950's to 2024.


We assist students to build a strong foundation of ukulele techniques. These are the building blocks that are transferable from song-to-song and will last the student a lifetime.


In the early stages, we provide the essentials of music theory so that students can read tabs and other freely available notation online. Then, we look under the hood and get into the nuts and bolts of music.


We treat every student as an individual and we adjust our curriculum and lessons plans accordingly. We understand that each student has different interests, busy schedules, and different goals.

Syllabus & Curriculum

We adopt a blend between the curriculums from RSL Awards, the London College of Music Examinations ('LCME'), and the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Music Examinations ('ANZCA').